Have you visited our new Beachside workshop and retail space yet? You will find us at The Meridian Point Craft Centre in Cleethorpes. Between the Light Railway Station and The Meridian Events Arena on Kings Road.

About Us

The Soap Shack is run by me, Helen Watson, a busy mum of three boys.

I live in Grimsby (most famous for its fish) on the east coast of England, close to the seaside resort of Cleethorpes.

Ever since I was small I have loved a pretty smelling soap and even kept a little soap collection. My favourite was a set of three yellow ducks from Avon.  I love a good soak in the bath but rarely find the time nowadays, a bit of “me” time or a girly pamper is quite tricky in a house full of males. 

Last October I moved into my new workspace and shop at the Meridian Point Craft Centre in Cleethorpes and I absolutely love it. It’s helping me have a better work/life balance and has given us our home (and my sanity) back. If you pop along you may catch me whipping up something new!  A batch of handmade soap, moisturising hand lotion or maybe some pretty foaming bath bombs. I have big plans for this coming year, one of which is to introduce bath bomb making workshops and parties. I also intend to add a wholesale section to the website, making it easier for other businesses to stock my soap and bath products in their own stores. 

One day a week you can catch me in Arttopia, a quirky gift shop in the heart of Cleethorpes. Arttopia is a haven of talented local artisans, a treasure trove of unique and unusual items, not mass produced and always made with love. I also stock a wide range of my soaps, bath bombs and gifts in It Started With a Stitch. A beautiful gift shop located on Abbeygate, a lovely shopping area right in the heart of Grimsby’s town centre full of wonderful independent local businesses. Iswas, as we affectionately call it, has something for everyone, special gifts that you can’t always find on the high street. 

I am a big believer in shopping locally, supporting fellow small business owners and trying to keep the British high street thriving.

I am also very conscious of the excessive use of packaging, especially plastic, in today’s society.  I have tried, wherever possible, to ensure all my products are wrapped plastic free, in packaging that is compostable and biodegradable. I use recycled materials to make my gift wrappings or package in something that can be reused again and not simply thrown into the dustbin.  I also sell a wide range of zero waste and eco friendly alternatives for everyday items we use within our bathroom and kitchen and also offer a range of refillable cleaning and personal care products. You buy your bottle once and keep returning to refill it again and again and again - saving so much plastic from going to landfill.  I truly believe we need to all try to make changes in everything we do, we owe it to our planet. 

All of our soap and bath products are handmade in the uk and are suitable for vegetarians, most are vegan and all are cruelty free.  Non of our products or the ingredients used to make them are tested on animals, only my little people.