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Free or cheap ways to make Mother’s Day special this year


Free or cheap ways to make Mother’s Day special this year

Mother’s Day is fast approaching - it is the perfect time to show your mum how much you appreciate her. However, it’s not always easy to think of ideas - especially at the moment when the cost of everything has sky rocketed and we you don’t have an endless supply of money.

Lets forget for a minute about the chocolates and the flowers and all the other things that we’ve been conditioned to believe is a sign of love. Instead, let’s focus on what really matters: spending quality time together.

There are lots of things you can do that will cost you very little and some won’t cost you anything at all!

Here are some suggestions for free or cheap ways to make Mother’s Day extra special this year and help you hold onto your much needed cash :

1 : Create a Photo Collage

Create a collage of photos of you and your family - put it on the fridge or somewhere it will be seen often. You could even frame it in an up-cycled frame (you should be able to pick one up relatively cheaply from a charity shop). Either way, it'll be a sweet gesture that she can treasure forever and will definitely make her smile!

(This photo collage was made using free design tool Canva - https://www.Canva.com)  

2 : Host a Family Movie Night

Plan a family movie night - make popcorn and watch her favourite film together - the one no one ever wants to watch with her (you know she loves it!) Draw the curtains, dim the lights and really set the scene. You could even print off or make some Cinema Style tickets to hand out to everyone in exchange for entry into the “movies”. There are many different websites available to download free templates that you can print at home - like this one found at https://www.somewhatsimple.com 

3 : Get crafty

Plan an afternoon where you and your mum can make something together, learn a new skill like crochet or decoupage - or finish off crafty makes she might have started in the past but never had time to finish.

4 : Make her breakfast in bed

Breakfast in Bed is an oldie but a goodie. A time tested treat for busy mums everywhere and something that’s certainly going to be appreciated. Be it an all out Full English Fry Up or a cuppa and a slice of toast, it really doesn’t matter. It’s the thought that counts. HINT - remember to sit with her whilst she eats it and chat about what you have been up to over the week.

5 : Run her a bath

One thing that always makes us feel extra special is a nice long soak in the bath. It’s relaxing and it helps us unwind after a long day. Fill up the bath tub with water, add some bath salts or a bath bomb and leave out her favourite, most beautiful smelling soap - it will make your mum feel like she's in a spa! If you're feeling really adventurous, try sprinkling some flower petals over the surface of the water and light some candles. Have some music playing softly in the background and maybe lay out her favourite book so she can read while she relaxes.

(Above image shows bath drawn using Moroccan Rose Foaming Bath Salts - Moroccan Rose Soap - Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp all from https://www.thesoapshackuk.com)

6 : Go for a walk together

Walking is a great way to spend quality time together. You can use the time to chat whilst taking in the fresh air and getting some exercise. Choose somewhere that you know your mum likes or that has special memories for you both. Like the local park, where she used to take you when you was little or the beach where you spent many a summers day building sand castles. You could even pack a flask of coffee and some biscuits or go all out and bring a picnic then schedule in a stop for refreshments along the way.

7 : Cook For Her

Cook her favourite meal and set the table using your mums best crockery and cutlery. Make it extra special by folding napkins and adding little touches to make the table look pretty - you could use flowers from the garden or candles that you already have around the house. If your a whizz on the computer you could even design a menu to print off and hand out.

8 : Make her a handmade card

Instead of buying a shop bought card this year why not make a handmade one. You can use any card or paper you have at home and simply fold in half to make your card. Now comes the fun part: decorating! You can use stickers, stamps, or even paint if you want to get really creative. Maybe make a collage by adding pretty bits of paper or ribbon you find lying around at home or even utilise old magazines by cutting out images and sticking them on. How about writing a poem on the inside too - if you can’t think of one there are many examples of famous poems or quotes online that you could use.

9 : Host a bake off

Bake a cake together - or cookies, or bread. Whatever takes your fancy! Dust off mums old cook books and see what catches your eye. (Top Tip - check you have all the ingredients you need before you get started and if you don’t have any cook books at home the internet is a great source for free recipe ideas)

10 : Go for coffee

Take her out for coffee (or tea) at her favorite local coffee shop - or better yet, go somewhere new together! This is a great way to bond with your mum and support a small local business at the same time.

(Above image is of our favourite local coffee shop Riverhead Coffee in Cleethorpes)

Whatever you decide to do this Mother’s Day know this - the fact you have spent time and consideration on making the day special will mean the world to your Mum. Thoughtful gestures mean so much more than lavish gifts and, as a mum myself, I guarantee it’s the little things that melt our hearts the most.

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